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BeesBook: Live Hive Life!

Get a drink and a bowl of popcorn. As of now you can watch our bees live! We are launching a new website featuring a live preview of our honeybee colony full of individually marked bees. Check back regularly, we will add more live statistics, such as the number of bees, age distribution and the number of brood and honey combs.

Computer Science Colloquium: Barbara Webb speaks on insects and robots

We are happy to announce that our guest Prof. Barbara Webb (University of Edinburgh, UK) will be giving a talk in the frame of our Institute of Computer Science’s Colloquium.

Quick intro: Barbara builds models of biological systems, often focussing on how perception shapes behavior in insects – recently covering more complex capabilities such as learning and navigation. Frequently, these models are implemented as robots – an approach we all know as Biorobotics. Barbara was the first to lay out also the theoretical foundations of this exciting new field.

You are cordially invited to attend this great talk!

Friday, Feb 20th, 14:00 in seminar room #005 (Takustr. 9)

Further information:

PS: There will be free coffee!