Open Positions

Currently, there are no job openings.


Bachelor/Master or Diploma Topics

We have open thesis topics in the following fields.¬†For further information contact Tim via email (tim.landgraf@fu…) or phone ( 030 838 75 114).

Next Generation Honeybee Robot

Since 2006 we develop and test a robotic honeybee. The first time ever we could show that bees actively decode the information content of the be dances performed by our robot. However, we think the robot could be better and we want to use many years of field experience to design a new prototype. We’ll start from scratch, so we are looking for mechanical engineers, hardware designers, software developers, chemists and biologists! Learn more about the project on the RoboBee website.

Swarm Robotics: Cooperative Behaviors

In project Robofish, we plan using more than one robot at a time. There are a few things such as collision avoidance and cooperation that we need to implement.


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